What is Genital Aesthetics & Cosmetic Surgery?

            It involves repairing the internal and external genitalia that has deformed by various factors such as aging, structural defects, smoking, pregnancy and giving birth. It is applied with the aim of improving the external appearance of the vagina, eliminating post-birth deformations, increasing sexual satisfaction by changing the internal size of genital organs known as vaginal narrowing, and eliminate sexual dysfunction by inreasing sensitivity of orgasm points. It can be named as ‘Vaginal aesthetics’, ‘Vaginal rejuvenation’ , ‘ Special area aesthetics ‘ , ‘Sexual organ aesthetics’ , ‘Genital beautification’ .


On what purpose are Genital Aesthetic procedures performed for?

Genital aesthetics is mostly done for correcting the external genitalia to have an aesthetic image. In addition it is applied for, correction of sexual functions, thus increasing self-confidence in women, increasing genital cleansing and hygiene, solving psychological problems and making them feel more comfortable in social aspects, correction of damaged genital region due to births, hormonal insufficiency and age-related deformations, increasing sexual pleasure and gaining orgasm function.

What are the operations related to genital aesthetics?

  • Labioplasty (Labium minor aesthetics in the genital area)
  • Vaginoplasty (Surgery to narrow the inner space of the vagina)
  • Episiotomy scar (Vaginal delivery incision scar) revision-correction
  • Perineoplasty (The aesthetics of the perineum between the vagina and the anus)
  • Clitoral hudoplasty (Correction of skin folds on the clitoris)
  • Puboplasty (Venus hill- Pubis hill aesthetics)
  • Labia majora magnification (Fat or filler injection to labium major)
  • Labia majora reduction (Reduction of labium major)
  • Himenoplasty (Permanent and temporary hymen repair)

What are the non-surgical procedures performed on the genital area?

  • Laser vaginal contraction & Vaginal regeneration & Vaginal rejuvenation
  • Urinary incontinence treatments
  • Verruca & condyloma treatments
  • Genital radiofrequency applications
  • Orgasm vaccine & Sexual desire and pleasure enhancing procedures (Filling injections and PRP applications & O shot ©)
  • G point magnification (filler injection to G point, G shot ©)
  • Increasing clitoris sensitivity
  • Genital area bleaching & whitenning treatments (Laser and mesotherapy)


Why do women need genital aesthetic procedures? 


What are their motivator reasons?

There is no standard perception of the ever-changing ideal beauty based on different cultural values. 


This relative concept applies to the genital area also. In other words, the concept of beauty of the genital area varies according to every woman. 


So what are the motivators that lead women to the aesthetics of the genital area?

  • Just cosmetic reasons, dislike the appearance.
  • Feeling of friction when wearing tight clothes.
  • When wearing clothes such as bikinis, swimsuits and tights, feeling shame because the inner and outer lips of the vagina are visible from the outside.
  • Feel uncomfortable when cycling, riding or doing sports.
  • Sweat of the genital area while doing sports, hygienic reasons due to odor and infection
  • To believe that genital region will be cleaner.
  • Feeling discomfort and pain during penetration of the penis during sexual intercourse .
  • Not having an orgasm.
  • Being unable to feel the penis during sexual intercourse due to the feeling of abundance of the vagina.
  • Smuggling gas from the vagina.
  • Feeling uncomfortable when the genital area is seen by the partner, not being able to feel comfortable with the partner.
  • Embarrassment during sexual intercourse, loss of self-confidence, feeling worthless
  • Difficulty or disturbance in oral sex
  • Intercourse in the dark environment.
  • To be directed to genital aesthetic procedures by her husband & partner.
  • Frequent vaginal infections.
  • Having difficulty in urination.

How does Genital Aesthetic Surgery affect sexual life?

Correcting the external genitalia of women improves self-esteem in sexual intercourse by relieving the feeling of embarrassment and discomfort. Increasing the sensitivity of the orgasm points, vaginal tightening and narrowing, and increasing the sensitivity of both women and her partner during the sexual intercourseallows a healthier sexual life. 


When the correct diagnosis and correct genital aesthetic procedures are performed, it has no negative side effects as well as provides benefits in terms of sexual desire and pleasure.

Are Genital Aesthetic procedures visible from outside? Any scar can be seen?

Almost no scar remains in the correct diagnosis and procedures performed with the right technique. 


Most of the time, not even other doctors can understand. The results obtained after genital procedures are really good.

Is there age limitation for genital aesthetic procedures?


  • Every woman over the age of 18 can have genital aesthetic procedures at any time.
  • It can be applied with the consent of the mother and / or father in case of medical necessity in patients under 18 years.
  • There is no upper age limit for genital aesthetics.


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