What is hair transplantation?

Procedure time

6-10 hours

Overnight stay

3 days



Final results

7-10 Days

Hair transplantation supported by stem cells 

Hair transplantation supported by stem cells This technique is used to treat hair loss, thinning, and weakness of hair density or to strengthen the bulbs in order to obtain strong and thick hair. It is also used with hair transplantation to accelerate the healing process and the growth of transplanted bulbs. This technology is applied by extracting the stem cells found in the fat tissue of the same treated person.
In the field of health and beauty at this time, the production or use of substances with chemical contents that cause side effects or substances which are made from tissue or cells taken from animals is caused by complications or bad results that may cause allergic to the body. 

Therefore, the attention of the cosmetic and medical laboratory experts prefers to follow the techniques that provide better results in high quality and long term, and the best solution to obtain these results is the development of stem cells taken from the human body and utilized in various areas of health and beauty.
The application of stem cells derived from body fat in the field of hair transplantation ensures the stability of the grafts transplanted more and stimulate the cells of the existing hair roots to strengthen the hair and get the best results in a natural way. Global research and studies conducted on stem cells have demonstrated the existence of stem cell tissue that is taken from the bone marrow, spinal cord or abdominal fat tissue.
Important note: The stem cell extracting technology that we use in our clinics is approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health and is carried out in our stem cell laboratories (the only laboratories with a CNP certificate in Turkey)and then transported to the clinic of the procedure safely and ideally

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